Theme, Task and Material of Research Papers

The topic is a very broad understanding that can be changed in the course of writing work. The topic can be directed to any channel convenient for the student, so that it would advantageously emphasize his knowledge and understanding in the chosen work.

The task is a more concrete concept, since it has a clear statement, and defines the criteria for solving the problem. Tasks can be more complex and easier; the leader independently chooses it for the student based on his skills.

Material is information provided exclusively in electronic form. This can be a proof of the theorem, various graphs, drafting of the report, and the results of experiments. Over the years of training, the student must write research paper in the required format.

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Selection of a suitable research paper topic

Two practical steps have been developed that will help to select the right topic for writing scientific work. The student can choose the topic of the leader or he chooses the topic independently, depending on his knowledge and preferences. The choice can be made in favor of many sciences:

  • Mathematics (Limit Numbers, Dense Packages and Periodicity, Trigonometry and Complex Numbers, Equations and Systems, Mathematics and Music, etc.);
  • Physics (“Structure of the Galaxy”, “The influence of the moon”, “Space masers”, “Ionic layers of the space system”, “The problem of the release of the RB into space”, etc.);
  • Physics and chemistry (General Physics, Chemistry and Development of Physical Chemistry, Limits of the Periodic System, Dense Packing’s, Shells and Kernels, Ionization and Dissociation Energies, etc.);
  • Chemistry (“The past and the future of periodic systems”, “Chemistry as the basis of biology”, “The concept of phlogiston as an electron”, “Chemistry and transformations of sugar”, etc.);
  • Biology (Classes of Plants, Riddles of Sleep, Mortality Analysis, Electro grams of Various Bodies, etc.);
  • Biology and chemistry (“The need for potassium in the body”, “The role of radioisotopes in biology”, “The development of the green revolution”, “The main causes of mortality”, etc.);
  • Person society state (“Nervous and mental illness and disorders”, “German psychology, Goethe analysis”, “SOS-complex”, “Law of delinquency”, “Rights of students”, etc.);
  • Introduction to the economy;
  • History.