How to Do Students’ and Schoolchildren Assignment?

Most schoolchildren spend too much time on assignments. But they can be performed much faster. It is enough to follow simple rules.

First of all, you need to learn how to plan your day. Decide on the tasks for the day and approximately calculate the time required for their implementation. Be sure to leave at least 1-1.5 hours for rest, then start assignment. You need to get used to doing assignment in the time defined for this task. In this case, you can use the alarm clock. Also with its help you can arrange breaks for 10-15 minutes every hour.

By concentrating on the execution of a specific task, you can perform it much faster. Before you sit down for lessons, get rid of everything that can distract you: from magazines, mobile phone, radio and TV. If the job does not require you to look for information on the Internet, turn off the computer. Remember what tasks you need to do and in what order. Fold out the textbooks and notebooks in small piles, as you do your assignment, put them aside. If you quickly get tired, first start heavy tasks, and then perform the easy ones. If you have difficulty with concentrating, start with easier tasks, or order their accomplishment on special service:

Steps for writing an assignment


First, put all the textbooks and notebooks that you need. Pens, pencils, rulers, etc. should be at hand. Begin with written assignments, from easy to difficult (this is necessary for warming up the brain). In general, one must try to do assignments on the day in which he was asked. It is very convenient and practical.

Assignments writing

Read the task carefully. Do not think about the computer, walks, girls (guys), it distracts from the task, and you lose valuable time. In your mind, think through all your notes and then start writing. Do not jump with a cry of “I know!”, think about it, because very often you think wrongly (it is known first hand).


Let's say you need to read a paragraph. We open the textbook; we find the necessary point. Focus on the material and ponder every word. Believe in the next lesson this will help you a lot! And it is best to listen carefully at the lessons and then you will not have to read meager textbooks!


After the work is over, examine your work. You can find a lot of "interesting". Now that everything has been checked, you can walk with a clear conscience!