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Armored educate 1469 around the phase of this NY artwork theater has become the point perhaps not merely inside the foundation of this Art theater, but has been likewise a momentous celebration from the annals of this maturation of the Soviet theatre generally. Truly of critical Significance from the background of this Mali Theater starring really like spring, also at the Growth of this Theatre creation of Viremia’s Spirulina. It has acknowledged the productions effect in different theatres' development. Without a comparable from the heritage of Soviet theater of this worth of play following M. Gorky, the drama of that as the Yugur Bellyache, place in 1932, the Theatre, also a wide flow pumped to the ministry of Soviet theatres. The drama of ancestor of literature requires pride in place from the repertoire. They have an outstanding impact about the evolution of play, but additionally on creation of both acting and directing, leading for the strengthening of these fundamentals of realism at the theatre artwork.